Analyse everything you want

Within the AoS platform any coach, player, parent, scout, development officer, manager and psychologists in assess, analyse, evaluate, moderate, mentor and standardise with any:
• individual
• team
• official
• cohort
• group
• association

It can be used for any level or ability of player, club or sport. 

The Analysis of Sport Analysis and assessment software has been created by a group of ex world class elite referees, coaches and sports psychologists. Players use the software to access a range of learning,  development, evaluation and assessment tools that can help moderate, standardise and analyse performances.

The analysis and evaluation software can be used

  • Live within games
  • In-play analysis
  • For training
  • Player development
  • Post match observation and
  • Evaluation sessions to highlight strengths and weaknesses

You can use our hot key creation for:  

  • easy tagging
  • Creating action plans and in-play game time line
  • Recapping major incidents
  • Half time analysis
  • Pitch side monitoring and tactical analysis