Competition Golf & Mind Set

Competition Golf & Mind Set

Competition golf is where it matters, where every shot makes the difference and all the practice is put to the test.

” The trophy is won on the practice facility, you just collect it in the competition. “

How confident you feel when playing Golf will massively affect your game. For example if you’re having a bad day on the course you will no doubt be feeling very negative about the situation and your score, it is ultimately down to you and your caddie to pump positivity back into your game or its almost certain that the rest of the round will have a negative outcome. Absolutely no one plays golf trying to be rubbish, everyone wants to improve and be better. No matter how bad the score is you’ve racked up, never give up, never be negative, just stop for a minute and remember why you chose to play golf, pick your self up and dig deep, positive mind equals positive outcomes, its what differentiates the average golfer to the good player. Its part of the game, bad shots happen, even to the best in the world so don’t be negative, nothing but positivity on a golf course.

” Golf is not about how good your good is, its how good your bad is ”

Mind set is 80% of the game and you have to approach every competition, every general play round, every practice session and every shot with 100% positive and confident mindset or whats the point ?

You can take your game to the next level by injecting positivity and making it part of the way you play. Finish the competition knowing you have given your 100% best effort.