Develop and Evaluate

The AoSport platform enables coaches to develop, evaluate and assess a range of sporting performers through filming their coaching and competitive sessions. This has been created by professional sports coaches and managers (current and past), officials and sports psychologists. Recently, AoSport has adapted to incorporate drone and camera footage for instant clips and comparison footage within training sessions for coaches and players.

Coaches and players use the software to access a range of learning, development, evaluation and assessment tools that can help moderate, standardise and analyse performances within their coaching sessions.

AoSport can allow you to personally film and upload your recordings to the portal to evaluate and analyse training and coaching sessions to:

  • Create masterclasses and highlights
  • Provide training and player development plans and performances
  • Increase performances over time
  • Improve standards and decision-making in all aspects of delivery
  • Reduce errors and mistakes in coaches and players
  • Develop mannerisms, confidence and accuracy
  • Identify and reduce gaps in skills and knowledge evaluation and analysis

Within our AoSport software, you can now assess, analyse, evaluate, moderate and standardise any individual, team, group of players, cohort or skill/tactic.

Coaches can use the AoSport platform to use the software to: 

  • compare matches, training sessions, drills and evaluate and track tactics used and practised
  • compare performances to criteria and tactics
  • evidence and analyse past performances

Coaches and clubs can finally use this platform to create and reaffirm their on and off-field ethos, standards and criteria that can be established in the online platform.