Coaching is made easier through AoSport because you can develop any player using the platform and analysis tools to highlight to the strengths and weaknesses of:

  • skills
  • performances
  • knowledge
  • tactics
  • objectives 


The software enables action planning and milestone setting to be created for each referee for their

  • performances
  • decisions made
  • knowledge and understanding of the laws
  • pitch management
  • health and safety
  • standard
  • criteria
  • training objective

the platform offers visual and written feedback.

Every decision made, play tagged, questioned, answered and statement made within the AoSport platform then automatically creates the following things:

  • A learning pathway
  • A development plan 
  • An action plan
  • Targets

These then have to be signed, agreed and the next stages are then agreed

The action plan then links directly to development plans and lessons, tests, exams and coaching sessions.

At this point Sports Psychologist, Mentors, and coaching can use the software extensively.


AoSport can be used by scouts and development or centre of excellence coaches to 

  • Track and record players in a range of games and situations
  • View hours of clips, incidents, key plays or the whole games
  • Show at different speeds, angles and aspects
  • Create a library of strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor with an action plan with milestones and key moments
  • Reduce travel and transport costs 
  • Be able to view multiple performances and games from one location
  • Use the software to compare and contrast performances

Below shows how the platform can be used in a Junior setting