Why fitness is important in rugby league


Why fitness is important in rugby league

Fitness is crucial in rugby league to reach the highest levels of the game. Rugby is a sport with extremely high demands on physical activity and therefore managing demands on your body is crucial.

Rugby features lots of health benefits but ultimately being mentally and physically tough is an essential for the role.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at fitness in more detail and see why top rugby physiotherapists see fitness as the number one trait for professionals.


What are the fitness benefits of playing rugby?

Rugby can improve your body’s cardiovascular system. This system transports blood, oxygen and nutrients through your body.

By maintaining a healthy weight and improving fitness, the cardiovascular system can become stronger and faster.

Skills such as sprinting, running and tackling opponents are extremely good for physical fitness. And ultimately, they mean the heart functions more efficiently. These skills also give you the opportunity to burn calories and increase stamina.


Increased bone strength

Rugby League has benefits on bones – by toning the muscles of the forelimbs, hind limbs and chest.

Movement made during the game put stress on the bones. An above normal stress level stimulates the deposition of calcium. This increases bone density – good for your performance whilst also safeguarding you from developing osteoporosis in the future.


Increased speed

Playing a good game of rugby is likely to require you to vary speed and dodge opponents.

Constantly adapting your pace and movements through consistent and abrupt twisting helps you become more flexible. Ultimately, rugby league can help to make your body more agile and sharpen your reflexes.


Reduced stress levels

Sport can help to improve mental wellbeing. Being involved in team games can give you a sense of belonging and provide you with a purpose which is better for your mental health.

The sense of companionship with teammates can install a more positive frame of mind and support system.

Team games also act as a means of reducing stress. Playing a sport like rugby, the body releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) which can lift your mood. Doing things you enjoy (like making a hard tackle or out-sprinting an opponent), can vastly improve your mental state.


What can KeysToRugbyLeague do for you?

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