Platform for all involved in sport

AoSport provides so much and can seriously impact your whole club. Not only is it primarily used as a coaching education and development platform but it can be used in so man one ways.


Coaches can implement the platform to: 

  • Analyse performances, tactics, drills, and movements
  • Giving feedback and targets
  • Evidence progress and results for strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan and evaluate sessions 
  • Educating players mentally, physically and 
  • Mentoring
  • Improve techniques and delivery methodologies
  • Interacting with 
  • Develop and monitor
  • Observing techniques a
  • Action plan
  • Compare statistics
  • Competition analysis
  • Educate the learner to enhance their knowledge and understanding

Coaches using AoSport

With coaches been able to get and show you tactics online prior to the next game or even a training session, or on a personal level, watching areas of your game and getting feedback from your coach and also being able to self-analyse your game. Track the progress you are making, compare game situations, watch all your corners, all your free kicks, all your tackles and analyse how your game has changed and set targets where you would like to improve. Getting support from senior elite coaches if you choose to do so. Getting support from your club coach.

The platform will help your thinking processes to take you to the next level.

Coaches can make players think better and think cleaner, what are they doing next is there another option. 

Filming and streaming - Our additional components

Because we can offer one complete coaching tool, AOSport can be used as a whole club / organisation platform for:  

  • filming and recording games , drills and training that can be live, on demand or to be uploaded after the event
  • streaming live games,  
  • player and game analysis
  • Providing a highlight reel for social media, player profiles, player virtual CV, or for scouts, stats and performances
  • Bring revenue and commercialise the whole club, venue and facilities
  • Enhance engagement and community links
  • Providing safeguarding courses, training, professional development and independent reviews / audits so that everyone is safe

Within the package there are areas for:

  • Live games streaming that can have a delayed function
  • Archive of games, goals and highlights
  • Games on demand
  • Interviews
  • Masterclasses
  • Highlights
  • Training
  • Training & coaching sessions
  • Development plans
  • Players virtual CV
  • Coaching CV

Here shows numerous examples how AoSport has been used within a range of sporting clubs, venues and environments

The benefits by incorporating AoSport into your club enables you to:

  • Reach out and engage with a bigger and worldwide audience
  • Improve your library of content and footage
  • Increase international following
  • Enhance Social media platform and presence
  • Use for coaching, training, tactical sessions and club ethos
  • Have digital film for tactical awareness of opponents

Here are more examples of how AoSport has been used by some clubs

All under one platform - Live, off line or on demand - 24/7.

Commercialisation using AoSport

Commercialisation of the platform for a sport club or venue is a key 

AoSport enables your organisation to monetise

  • Reach out and engage with a bigger and worldwide audience
  • Increase international following
  • Enhance Social media platform and presence
  • Become available to worldwide sport enthusiasts
  • External and internal sponsorship to enhance
  • Ecommerce - Linked to shop
  • Sales - Extra gate revenue online via season tickets online and deals for games / archives
  • Work in Partnership with us using your own TV channel online

Clubs TV Channels - Every club who signs up with our AOS broadcasting software get a section of the website for broadcasting games live or delayed and have an archived section for past games. This is great to bring in extra revenue for sponsorship. You can also have your own own shows, interviews, clips and presentations on the platform to increase supports and club interaction, branded, revenue and enhance your clubs commercial value.


You can have single or multiple games streamed live via the AOS platform; the club website; internet TV Channel; back to the club house, to create a club stream; or a weekly TV channel.

Creating a Highlight reel with AoSport

Watch this short video to show how AoSport can help create a highlight reel for players, coaches, fans and for a commercial entity  

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