Our refereeing analysis, development and assessment platform enables any organisation or association to offer a centralised platform to assist with:

• Support and guidance by our elite team of world class ex referees to help advise and progress the future
• Up to date knowledge of new laws and the enforcement of the new changes
• Game by game analysis, performance over time analysis
• Tailored feedback and mentoring sessions for all referees at all levels

Our experts have a proven track record in developing referees across the game.

Accessing the Referee platform within AOS will give referees, clubs, FA’s and Countries a chance to exceed and build foundations for a bright future.  Keys to Referee is a team made of world-class referees, coaches and mentors with an ultimate aim to reach out to anyone who needs help and support. This can be an individual referee with a single question, to an entire Football Association wanting to build structure and development to the amazing game of football. 

The benefits of our Referee development platform 

Analysis & Evaluation - Full tracking, the full devaluation and analysis of decisions made with action plans for development.

Analysis of Performance - Analysis software used for professional development for replays of each decision made and committed.  Increased contact with coaches / experts.

Tracking results & stats - Implement training plans in advance following progress and up skill referees.

Develop & Progress - Our portal enables you to evaluate and assess performances over time to help Referee development

Evaluate and review the professional development - Implement training plans in advance following progress and up skill referees.  Create action plans and unique pathways.

Referees Courses - Courses are being added all the time, Laws of the game, Sin Bins and very importantly Safeguarding. Safeguarding courses are written by one of the UK’s leading experts.

Review performances - Review their own game or a colleagues. Real-life scenarios. Online observation and assessment.

Consultancy - Our experts can help build the structure you are looking for: Grow and develop from the very top to grassroots of each sport. Raising standards at each and every level.

An Application to test Referees - Check out our Be the VAR App that tests your knowledge and understanding of the laws of the game

You can use the broadcasting and analysis software for:

  • e-learning to break barriers to learning over distances
  • stats and Progress linked via e-learning set by highlight reels, action plans
  • strengths and weakness of officials, players, tactics, systems and opponents
  • online observation and assessment.

We want the learning aspects to help improve knowledge and understanding of the context of refereeing at all levels.

All learning, answers and comments are  racked and recorded to enhance the thinking, knowledge and understanding of promotions.

These types of elearning aspects we use are:

  • video assessment and analysis for decisions made in an agreed recorded fixture
  • tagging each decision made to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • using learning management slides to help develop strategies to manage the game
  • information and discussion slides to demonstrate skills when refereeing
  • scenario based learning to make it personal
  • questions and answer slides to test knowledge and understanding of general play
  • policies and procedures regarding the laws of the game
  • one to one and forum discussion with our team or mentors
  • tests regarding laws of the game
  • tests for developing knowledge and understanding for promotion
  • one to one learning and assessment online

The AOSport refereeing system tracks progress from day 1 using the platform, no matter where you are on your referee journey. 

We want to improve refereeing to a whole new level help referees be the best you can be, we have active referees and retired FIFA referees working with us with education at the forefront. 

Raising standards nationally

Below shows how the platform can help a national or regional referee and mentoring programme take place.

The referee set up

Every decision made or not made is tagged and placed on a time line for any individual, referee or a group of officials to study each scenario.

If a tag or point that occurs in a game relates to a predetermined action then automatic lessons and policies are uploaded into a learning path for the referee, coach, and assessors to:

• Increase their knowledge of the laws of the game,

• Improve standards and decision making

• Enhance performance

• Reduce gaps in skills analysis

They are then notified by internal messages that give them milestones and deadlines

Psychology when refereeing and officiating.

Through our learning and evaluation software we aim to:

  • Improve decision making and increase their knowledge of the laws of the game
  • Improve standards of preparation
  • Deal with the emotions and pressure of being an official
  • Impact and develop Cognitive thinking
  • Enhance performance
  • Reduce gaps in skills analysis
  • Enhance mental awareness
  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Help improve mental well being and mental health issues

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